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We are a very honest and transparent team. We charge a small commission for outreach service, which is 20% (min $25), and add it to a real publisher fee. We do not hide a high service fee by inflating the publisher price as our competitors do; we tell you exactly what it is. You can even pay a placement fee directly to a publisher and pay only our fee to us if you so desire.



We know how long it takes to find a good domain and analyze all the required information to decide if this is a good fit or not. So, we have added screenshots from Ahrefs, SemRush, Moz and Majestic SEO for each property to speed up the process of selecting the right domains for your campaign.



With more than 10 years of work as an internal SEO agency department, we have successfully placed over 10,000 posts through manual outreach. We created a useful platform to simplify communication between SEOs and the outreach team because we know what is important for success. Now, it is open to the public.



We are focusing on manual outreach with real and healthy websites that have organic traffic. We do not use PBN or other low-quality websites. We are proud to say that we have over 6000 unique domains where we can offer placement. No, not all of them are added on the platform yet, but we are working hard to add them daily. Upon request, we can send you more options to choose from.

How it Works



It works just like a regular online store. Choose a category and use a filter option to narrow down your search to find the best websites with the prices you want.

So, in one place, you can select a website in your category, filter them by desired metrics and target country, and read all the descriptions and requirements before you decide. Next, you must select a content-writing option and desired URL and anchor for a link and add it to the basket. Then, you can continue browsing or check out.

To simplify the process of picking websites, we added a website description, publication requirements, snapshots of the website appearance, and the website profile in Ahrefs, SemRush, MOZ and Majestic SEO. For security reasons, we hide the real domain until the order is created and send you a live domain on the approval stage before you pay.

You do not have to pay at this stage; you will pay later when we get a positive response from publishers through outreach. So, it is absolutely FREE to try.

  • Set a category, price & filters
  • Browse & analyze websites
  • Choose a content creation option
  • Add the desired URL and anchor for your link
  • Place an order
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Once the order is placed, our outreach team will send pitches to the publishers you have chosen.

They will ask for all the required information for successful placement in your case. For example, they will confirm that the desired URL can be published, the possible topics they will accept, the final price, etc.

After that, we will confirm with you the final order and the price.

  • We will set an outreach campaign
  • We will discuss all the details with the publisher
  • We will get back to you with the details
  • And we will confirm the final order
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Once the order is fully confirmed, you can now proceed to the payment.

We can generate an invoice to pay through the following:

  • Wire Transfer
  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
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Once the payment is done, we can finalize the order. There are two options for content creation; you can provide your own article or order through us. Our copywriters are very experienced, and each text is checked by native US/UK English-speaking editors to avoid any kind of typos. In most cases, we can deliver great content for a fair price, but if your topic must be very specific and/or is hard to write, it might be better to write it yourself.

The average turnaround time is 2–3 weeks. We work hard to get it done faster, but sometimes it might take longer than this.

  • Provide an article to publish
  • Or order it through us
  • We will publish the article
  • And send you a report
  • Your order is complete!
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Absolutely! Our service is designed to support an agency like yours. We would be happy to help you with every detail of your ongoing campaign. We can offer a turnkey process and send you reports that are branded with your logo. Please reach out to discuss details with our CEO.

Yes, you can approve a text before it is published. Please notify our team in advance so they will approve a text with you before it goes live.

In most cases, you can use any keywords as an anchor. Sometimes, a publisher will only allow you to use brand mentions or generic keywords, and we try to keep this information up to date on the requirements section for a specific website.

Proper anchor distribution is especially important for a safe ranking. We do not suggest using too many money-related keywords. Instead, use more brand mentions, which seem to be more natural. It is best to have an anchor plan for each project and select anchors in advance. If you have any difficulties in selecting a proper anchor for your projects, please reach out to our team.

Links are placed naturally in the body of the content with the desired anchor. Ideally, it could be in the first part of the text. Our aim is to have it appear as an organic mention by the author, and we could add a few other authoritative links to the article so that it will look more natural. Publishers might also add a few links to their internal categories or articles for the best user experience.

Some sensitive topics like casino, marijuana, CBD, essay, etc. are accepted with select publishers.

You can choose them through our filters and categories.

The price is generally higher. For example, it could be 1.5–2.5 times more expensive. Please check the detailed information in the website descriptions.

If you need such links on an ongoing basis, please contact us to discuss details.

The average turnaround time is usually 2–3 weeks. We try to complete it faster, but in some cases, it might take even longer.

Publisher outreach is almost the only effective way to promote your business online today. Better ranking, increased visibility, better brand awareness and target referral traffic are just a few benefits.

Our service is quality focused. We continually find and outreach to new websites, reviewing their strength metrics, organic traffic, quality of the content, spam patterns, etc. So, your content will only be placed on high-quality websites. Unlike other platforms, we will never place your content on websites that could harm your business.

Our service fee is exceptionally competitive due to our entirely in-house team that is Ukraine based, where the labor cost is lower. Additionally, we bring technical skill and years of experience from supporting websites in highly competitive niches across the world. This is why we can offer high-quality service for a fee that is so much lower than our competitors.

Our service is quite unique on the market. While others offer to set a fixed budget for an ongoing outreach campaign or to send you a list of websites (which are usually overpriced and have a high percentage of PBNs), we are working hard to develop a useful platform where you can effectively choose websites that fit the best. For this purpose, we include a website description, snapshots of the website appearance and the website profile in the most important tools such as Ahrefs, SemRush, MOZ and Majestic SEO. So, in one place, you can select a website in your category, filter them by desired metrics and target country, and read all the descriptions and requirements. Then, you can create your first order. For security reasons, we hide the real domain until the order is created and send a live domain for you on the approval stage before you pay.

Once you get access, you can pick publishers based on niche, metrics, price, etc.

It works just like a regular online store where you can use filter options to browse websites and read all the important information in one place. Then, you can add all the websites you like to a shopping cart and place an order. Our team will get your order and will outreach to the appropriate publishers to make sure that they will accept your link as well as discuss all other details to simplify communication. Only after that, will payment be required. We will manage all the rest until the placement is done. It is as simple as that!

Our fee is a flat 20% with the lower limit of $25, which is added to a publisher price.

For example, if a publisher charges $50, we will add $25 as our minimum fee in this case. And the total cost will be $75.

But if the publishing fee is $200, our fee will be $40, which is 20% of the publisher price. And the total cost will be $240.

The links we publish are permanent and should remain forever. However, sometimes publishers might remove the backlink or page itself after some time for some reason. Usually, this is by mistake. In this case, we contact the publisher and ask them to restore it. If the publisher does not restore it, we open a dispute and then blacklist such publishers. Usually, we can guarantee the link's restoration during the 6 months while covered by the PayPal protection system. But in 99% of the cases, it is never an issue.

We are very flexible before we confirm all the details with you and the publisher. You will only be required to pay after this confirmation. Before you pay, you are free to make any kind of modifications like replacing the websites or topics or even canceling an order before you pay. However, if the publisher already published your content, it will not be possible to cancel an order and get a refund. In some cases, it is possible to modify an anchor or URL, but usually publishers ask for an extra fee.

It does not always correlate with the metrics. Sometimes, you can get better metrics with a lower price, while in some cases, the price could be high with low metrics.

Once we establish a connection with the publisher, we can negotiate a publishing price. We always try to lower a price as much as we can, but the final price is up to the publisher.

For some niches, there could be a price multiplier. For example, for gambling links, the publisher might charge 1.5–2 times more than for other websites. To avoid frustration and misunderstanding, we always ask a publisher before we charge for the order. And we also try to keep this information up to date on the site descriptions.

Yes, we do have a list of UK, Australia, and Canada-specific publishers in our database. You can select a country from our filters to browse desired websites.

The largest portion of the publishers is focused on traffic from the USA, but some have large shares of traffic from the UK, Australia, Canada and other countries. In this case, you can select a website with local traffic.

We also have a lot of websites without geo targeting, so your website could be organically placed there too.

Yes, absolutely. You can provide your own content. In this case, please select this option when you select a website. Make sure that your content is written to a high standard. Otherwise, a publisher might decline to publish it, and it will result in extra management time. Please tell us in advance if you want to publish content for sensitive niches like adult, gambling, pharmacy, etc. It is best if you upload your content while selecting a website for a smooth process, but you can send it to us later too.

Absolutely! Please feel free to reach out, and we will send you an example.

You can also request an example during communication with our team after you place your order and before you pay.

Of course, please send a request form below to schedule a call.


With more than 10 years of work as an internal SEO agency department, we have successfully placed over 10,000 posts through manual outreach. We created a useful platform to simplify communication between SEOs and the outreach team. We know what is important for success. Now, it is open to the public.

During the last 10 years, we have been a part of a fast-growing SEO agency that is specialized in promoting websites in competitive niches. To achieve successful placement in niches like gambling, dating, cannabis, and e-cigarettes might be quite challenging, so we had to improve the process to reach as high an efficiency as possible. The process needed to be cost-effective as well. Through years of work, we have implemented a variety of different techniques to increase the positive responses from the publishers. We have also worked hard to optimize the internal management process and improve the knowledge of our team.

Now, it is time to scale, and we are ready to meet new partners. We are happy to prove that we will be your most reliable outreach service provider. We are reliable, punctual, honest, and cost-effective and can prove it. Just give us a chance and try out our service today!

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